Am I Happy ?

You will see 15 master words.

Each word also has a list of four other words.

Select the list word you most associate with the master word.
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The Am I Happy ? Test

Am I Happy Today

How to take the test

This is the weird and wonderful Am I Happy ? test. To get started, click on the start button above. You don't need to register, give your email or login with some social network and it's free.

You will see 15 'master' words. For each word, you will see an additional four single words associated with the 'master' word. You need to select from the list the word that you most associate with the master word. It's not technically a timed test, so consider what word you most associate.

At the end of the test, we will give you a rating as a percentage of how happy we think you are. It's that simple.

How it works

The test uses complex neural network algorithms to work out how you associate the words and then calculates how happy you are. It's based on a concept called word association. The trick is that it's easy to spot which words are likely to make you happy and which ones aren't. The aim of the neural network is to understand consistency and discrepency in the responses. In doing so, the software can calculate what words are associated with you being happy or not being happy.

Measuring happiness

The art of measuring happiness is not easy. It could be simply argued that the fact that someone takes this test is likely to indicate that they are not happy in the first place. However, it's not always true of course and many people enjoy taking tests which in turn stimulates happiness. Even defining what is happiness isn't exactly easy.

Ultimately, we hope this test makes you happy and you find out something more about yourself in taking it.

Enjoy the test and don't forget to share !

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun.
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